Monday, 31 March 2014

Hola 3L Pershing. Can you help us?

Hola 3L Pershing. It is great to meet you. ¡Gracias! for helping us.

We have been working hard to learn to count and have been working hard on our writing and making some iBooks. We already have one published. You can download it from the iBooks store here, in the book you can see lots of places in our school.

We want to make another book in English and Spanish. Here is a video we made for you.

We go on holidays this week, but will be back at school on the 22nd of April. 

We wonder if there is anything we can help you with?

Hola desde los Estados Unidos

Buenas tardes,

3L Pershing está muy emocionado de estar en contacto con todos ustedes. Miramos adelante a hacer algunos proyectos de la diversión con usted también.

Good afternoon,
3L Pershing is very excited to be in contact with you. We look forward to doing some fun projects with you too.